Revolution X Car Wax 250ml
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Revolution X, For anyone who hasn't used this carnauba show wax your missing out on a superb very easy to use wax that is hard to beat at this price point . This is wet look gloss in a pot with very very good durability rarely seen on a show wax . Quite possibly the easiest wax we have ever used , there are no instructions required to achieve outstanding results with this wax. Revolution X is suited to both beginner and advanced detailer , simply apply , leave to cure and buff . After buffing turn the cloth and wipe the panel over and admire the finish you have achieved . As with all waxes good clean paint is required for best results . 250ml

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Having selected your wax of choice here are the essential steps of how to wax a car by hand.

  • Firstly ensure that you paintwork is totally dry.
  • Ideally work in the shade and out of the direct sunlight.
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking the more product you apply the deeper the shine you will get. Quite the opposite – always look to apply thin layers and if you need to, apply thin layer on top of thin layer, once suitably cured and buffed off.
  • To achieve this work on one section at a time, ideally if using a standard size hand applicator pad, a section at a time. For this size area apply a single swipe of wax to the pad.
  • Apply your wax in an up and down, straight line motion rather than circular.
  • Don’t press down hard, just a light amount of pressure to get and even glide and smooth thin coat. Leave to haze as per the product instructions.
  • When buffing off always use the best quality, plushest microfiber buffing towel you can afford.
  • If you want to layer a wax over another thin layer of wax on wax, ideally leave the first application to cure completely – usually a period of at least 12 hours in recommended between layers


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