Top wax

I have four of Tony's waxes all I ever use impressed everytime stands up well to winter conditions too can't wait to try his new stuff
James Bennett, Wakefield

great Delivery

well protected, fast delivery of super quality products,from people who care.
louis swift, frome

Amazing wet look and glow for a winter wax

Best winter i have used since collinite, apart from this has insane wet look for a winter wax which you never in find in other waxes, nice gloss from far distance. So glad this wax came out by wax planet i hope they bring this back this in the future. Remember people prep is the key for any wax to get best out of it. Just what i wanted in a winter wax! Thanks
Rahan, Hertfordshire

wax stock 2017 oblivian

easy to use super round beads, great shine ,looking for a wax as good as this for years
lou swift, frome

Revolution X

First time using a hard wax and am extremely impressed with Revolution X. Was easy to apply and buff, gives a nice deep gloss to the paint (Focus ST racing red). Highly recommend
James Bennett, Cullompton

Custom Blend Wax

I came to WaxPlanet when my original custom wax supplier shut up shop. And wow did they provide one hell of a wax! Deep gloss; great longevity and awesome scent!
Phil Severn, Basingstoke

Silver VW EOS

Just used the sample on my Silver VW EOS which has turned out great. The wax has an amazing scent that reminded me of the foam bananas that I used to eat as a kid. The wax was easy to apply and buff. Silver in the sun light was not the easiest colour to see where I had applied the wax but that isn't the products fault! Over all a really good product!
Jason McGinnity, UK

Quality stuff

Top banana, love it Quality stuff the smell is unreal and seriously made me want to eat the tub. nice and easy to use and the shine is probably the best my cars had in the 17 years it's been on the road. Shame about the view
Jay Law, UK