Revolution X

First time using a hard wax and am extremely impressed with Revolution X. Was easy to apply and buff, gives a nice deep gloss to the paint (Focus ST racing red). Highly recommend
James Bennett, Cullompton

Custom Blend Wax

I came to WaxPlanet when my original custom wax supplier shut up shop. And wow did they provide one hell of a wax! Deep gloss; great longevity and awesome scent!
Phil Severn, Basingstoke

Silver VW EOS

Just used the sample on my Silver VW EOS which has turned out great. The wax has an amazing scent that reminded me of the foam bananas that I used to eat as a kid. The wax was easy to apply and buff. Silver in the sun light was not the easiest colour to see where I had applied the wax but that isn't the products fault! Over all a really good product!
Jason McGinnity, UK

Quality stuff

Top banana, love it Quality stuff the smell is unreal and seriously made me want to eat the tub. nice and easy to use and the shine is probably the best my cars had in the 17 years it's been on the road. Shame about the view
Jay Law, UK

Stunning results

Easy on and easy off with stunning results!! Used this wax product on a Black Pearlescent Golf. Excellent result giving a as new finish, also smells lovely. Recommended.
Gary Milner, UK

Smells great, A little goes a long long way, Doesn’t get upset when you pick up left over water with the applicator, Goes on easy, Comes off Very easy, Gives good shine and gloss, Beads water great, Curing time was quick but if left longer it was still easy to buff off, All in all a very good wax, what will win me over is the durability and protection but we will have to see how that goes and obviously the price tag!
Adam Wilson, UK

removal was easy

Extremely easy to apply, used in direct sunlight, cure time was around 10 mins, removal was easy enough and my cars never looked so good, very happy with the deep gloss finish!
Jack Winkle, UK

Tony very impressed

Cheers Tony very impressed with the final results that wax is really good and put a good shine on my Evo
Wayne Glimbert, UK

TVR community

Now shared with the TVR community, what a great product, brilliant results on 18 year old paint work
Graham Chambers, UK